Good Harvest Unlimited, Inc.

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1st Logo (1981)

Logo: We see a yellow background, with coins below scattered around. The golden yellow text:



(in the Batang font) wipes in from left to right. While the text wipes in, more coins appear on the left side of the pile of coins. Everything fades out, and we see the white text "Proudly Presents" in cursive text (much like the Disney font).

Technique: The wiping text, the coins appearing/rising.

Music/Sounds: A bombastic fanfare.

Availability: Extinct. So far, it was spotted on Boljak.

Legacy: The text is almost unreadable, as it blends in with the background. Not to mention, the coins may make some people think this logo pertains to financial matters, rather than a film studio.

2nd Logo (1991-2004)

Logo: Against a black background, the golden yellow letters (in the Times New Roman font) "GOOD" fly to the center to form the word. "HARVEST" also appears flying and placing below "GOOD". Both words end up forming on a choppy way. After that, the white text "Unlimited Inc." (also in the Times New Roman font) appears below "HARVEST".


  • There is a warped version of this logo.
  • There is an early variant where the logo looked like it was done in Scanimation.
  • Another variant features the logo staying for a few seconds when the music ends, then the text lines disappear one-by-one in a quick manner.
  • On the Regal Home Video 1992 VHS of Ipaglaban Mo Ako Boy Topak, a still version is used, although the video of said film that appears on Regal Entertainment's YouTube channel uses the standard version.
  • A prototype version where this logo is set on a sky blue background appeared on the trailer of Emma Salazar Case.
  • On the trailer of Forever My Love (the company’s final film), the text of the logo is colored green.
  • On Paano Na? Sa Mundo ni Janet, the text of the logo is white.

Technique: Letters flying, "Unlimited, Inc." appearing.

Music/Sounds: A Moog synthesizer tune, with the first three notes sounding similar to Viacom's "V of Doom".

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • There's a zap sound at the end on the early variant.
  • On Shake, Rattle, and Roll III, a pounding synth fanfare ("Sword of Justice" by Dave Grusin) is used.
  • On Asawa Mo, Misis Ko, a xylophone was used for the letter forming with a whoosh sound followed by a loud whistle.
  • On The Good the Bad and The Ugly, a dreamy calm synth tune with a different zap sound was heard.
  • On Bahala na VS. Sputnik and Junior Police: Crimebuster, we hear a clicking sound followed by a thud appended to the original theme.
  • On Nag-iinit na Damdamin, only a clicking sound not unlike that on the above variant and the zap are heard.
  • On Daniel Eskultor, it briefly starts with the first note of MAQ Productions Inc. theme before the standard fanfare was heard due to an editing mistake.
  • On Babae sa Dalampasigan, a bubble sound was added when the letters are formed.
  • On Buburahin Kita Sa Mundo, sci-fi laser sounds are used instead of the original music.
  • On Sex Files (2002), the logo is silent.
  • On Pila-Balde, the opening theme is used.

Availability: Rare. Check VHS releases of their films from the period.

  • This appeared on Angelina - The Movie, Sa Paraiso Ni Efren, Init ng Laman, Hubad Sa Ilalim ng Buwan, and more.
  • Many films produced from them are R-rated and/or action-based films, so keep looking.

Legacy: Because of the choppy animation, some people may laugh due to the how cheap the logo is and their company failed to mimic the Golden Harvest logo.

3rd Logo (2001)

Logo: Just the underlined red text "GOOD HARVEST" (the first letter of each word being bigger than the rest) along with the small text "P R O D U C T I O N S" below the underline. Both words are in the Times New Roman font.

Trivia: The company's name was changed for this logo.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extremely rare. Only seen on Hubog.

Legacy: TBD

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