Golden Bell Production

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Random Guy Productions


Logo: On a video of a cloudy sky, two ringing bells with a red ribbon on the top of them quickly zoom in and spin around. The bells then move up, as musical notes come out of them. The notes then dissolve into dust, then the logo moves back as the Khmer text blurs in zooming out above and the English translation "GOLDEN BELL PRODUCTION" zooms out below. The English name becomes an arc, as the bells start flashing in red colors that take up most of the screen. The English text is seen on the same circular path as the Khmer text, forming a circle. The bells then stop flashing. The arc of text then spins, as the bells flash again before the logo fades out.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: Field ambience with bells ringing throughout the whole logo are heard. Meanwhile, the Windows 2000 startup and shutdown sounds, and the Windows 9x "Utopia" startup sound are heard playing through it.

Availability: Very rare, unless you live in Cambodia. This appears on any video karaoke releases from the country.

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