Gold Film

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1st Logo (1974)

Logo: On a space background, a rotating Earth is seen. A few seconds in, "GOLD FILM" and a gold coin with an image of St. George slaying the dragon fade in atop and in front of the Earth, which continues to rotate until the logo fades out.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Music/Sounds: A triumphant fanfare.

Availability: Only seen on The Perdition.

2nd Logo (1981)

Logo: On a black background, the gold coin from the previous logo appears via a double "reflection" effect. The coin then flips to the lower corner of the screen, as two clones of the coin then appear to the sides of it. The middle coin then pans to the center of the screen as the two lower coins flip and transform into "GOLD FILM". A yellow line then draws to the left underneath the text, which has "PRESENTA" on it.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Music/Sounds: A portion of "Sinfonía Nº 9 en Mi Menor, Op. 95", also used in the Producciones Garcia Ferré logo.

Availability: Only seen on the movie Il Postino Suona Sempre Due Volte.

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