Goel Cine Corporation

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Descriptions by
DiggaDigga2010 and Tabit

Captures by
Camenati and MizukiAccent48

Editions by
MizukiAccent48, TVB, Camenati, Tabit, and DiggaDigga2010

Video captures courtesy of
Shane Latto The Wilkins Coffee Guy 2009 and Eric Lin


Goel Cine Corporation was an Indian film production company founded somewhere in the late 1940s, and are the big 10 on filming in the 1950s-1970s.

1st Logo (1 July 1955-1 January 1983)

Logo: Against the opening scene of the film or a colored background (B&W version if the film is in B&W), we see the cursive text "Goel" and the standardized text "CINE CORPORATION". The word "PRESENTS" can be seen on random portions of the screen.


  • Opening Scene Background Version: Live-action.
  • Colored/B&W Background Version: None.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Very rare. Seen on most of their movies made from the era, which wouldn't be as hard if you live in India. This includes Janam Janam, Ek Phool Do Mali, Rishta Kagaz Ka, and more.

2nd Logo (June 12, 1964)

Goel Cine Corporation (1957 - 1983) (Door Ki Awaz).jpg

Logo: On a black background, we see three giant 3D letters (which are the company's initials) in lavender, with the letter "G" being alot more bigger than the 2 c's on top of a wooden surface. Beside the "Gcc" is a flower candle, which lights up a few seconds later. Then the logo fades to black with the flame fading away shortly afterwards.

Technique: Live-Action.

Music/Sounds: A shrill, menacing-sounding string theme, which is possibly the opening theme of a movie.

Availability: Only seen on Door Ki Awaz.

Legacy: This logo is known as one of the scariest Indian logos ever made, thanks to the extremely shrill theme combined with the darkness. The logo design may contribute as well, although it's not as scary or dark.

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