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Widely regarded as the worst handheld video game console ever, the Gizmondo was designed to compete against the Nintendo DS, PSP, and in some cases, Game Boy Advance. The handheld was created by British-based Tiger Telematics, founded by Swedish-born Stefan Eriksson. Tiger Telematics had been close to bankruptcy when the handheld rolled out, and its founder had been linked to the Swedish mafia following an accident involving him driving his Ferrari way too fast. The scandal was so big in Europe, that a TV movie had been planned, but nothing has come out of it yet. 25,000 Gizmondo handhelds were sold in the US and UK, with 14 games released in the UK; out of the 14, eight of them made it to America. Unlike the GBA, DS, and PSP, you could not buy the handheld or its games at stores like EB Games or GameStop - you had to buy them online or at mall kiosks. In 2009, a "Gizmondo 2" handheld was planned, but for now, the idea has been scrapped.

(March 19-September 30, 2005)

Logo: On a white background, we see a "necklace" made of 14 flat black blobs, with eight of them being connected in pair. Below, there is a word "GIZMONDO" in a custom black font, with "GAMES" under it.

Variant: Sometimes, the colors may be inverted.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on several Gizmondo games.

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