Ginormous Madman

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Ginormous Madman is an animation company founded in the 2010s. The company is known for The Legend of Korra.

(April 14, 2012-December 19, 2014)


Logo: On a dark purple background with moving lines, we see the face of what resembles to be a blue Buddhist Mahakala wearing rings and flaming skull candels. There is also some pink smoke behind it. The buddhist opens its mouth as the lines stop and the words "GINORMOUS MADMAN" come out of the mouth. The word "GINORMOUS" is in black while "MADMAN" is in red.

Technique: Great animation!

Music/Sounds: Fading pings and an unsettling synth noise as the buddhist opens its mouth.

Availability: Seen on The Legend of Korra.

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