Gibbons Bros.

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Compiled by
SuperMax124 and TheRealMarcel2000

Video captures courtesy of
Broken Saw, Jason Nguyen and MonofiedKuma


This is Mike Gibbons' vanity card.

1st Logo (February 28-April 18, 2013)

Logo: Same as the 2nd New Boots logo, but said logo's text is replaced by "GIBBONS BROS.". Also, the garage illustration is replaced by black circles with numbers (probably a bullseye) and "PRODUCTIONS" in black fades in below.

Technique: Same as the 2nd New Boots logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 2nd New Boots logo.

Availability: Seen on The Ben Show on Comedy Central.

2nd Logo (October 27, 2016-May 8, 2017)

Logo: In a black-and-white studio environment with a big flat-screen TV (which was turned on and had the words "OUTDOOR LIMITS" on the screen), desks and chairs, and some studio-like supplies (actually the office set of the fictional magazine Outdoor Limits from The Great Indoors), we see two people in the middle sitting on chairs (different for each episode), with the company name underneath in a graffiti-like font.

Early Variants:

  • From episodes 1-14 (with the exception of episode 6), the TV was turned off.
  • There is only one time (seen on episode 6), where we see a wall with a window, and shelves to the left of it.
  • From episodes 15-19, there's a closer, alternate shot where the TV was removed.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme.

Availability: Seen on The Great Indoors.

Run and Gun Productions
Gibbons Bros.
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