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Ghost Planet Industries was originally formed in 1994 by two employers of TBS Productions, Mike Lazzo and Keith Crofford, to produce Space Ghost: Coast to Coast for Cartoon Network. As the venture expands, it expanded beyond producing the series to produce Cartoon Planet, as well as the familiar block Toonami, in order to appeal for the young audience built upon the success of the show. In 1999, it was renamed to Williams Street.

(July 28, 1995-April 12, 2004)

Logo: On a very pale gray background, we see a corner shot of a dark gray building. Under it, it would say "GHOST PLANET INDUSTRIES", in a "ghost" font.

Trivia: The building is not the Williams Street office (however it's actually the TBS building at 1065 Williams Street NW in Atlanta, Georgia), but the Ghost Planet Industries building where Space Ghost does his interviews. The building appeared in CGI in the intros to SGC2C (starting with the show's S3 episode "Late Show") and later in Toonami.

Variants: There is also an inverted version of the logo on season 7 of SGC2C.

  • The first episode of S7, "Kentucky Nightmare", used a slightly more distorted version of that variant, along with the S8 episode "Baffler Meal".
  • On the season 7 episode "The Justice Hole", this variant is completely blurred.

Technique: Very little, just subtle waving effects.

Music/Sounds: The Mark VII Limited "Hammer" sound from 1967-1971, containing three strikes of the hammer.

Music/Sounds Trivia: This sound can be heard at the beginning of the SGC2C episode "Curling Flower Space".

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, it's silent. One example is the SGC2C S3 episode "Sharrock" to observe the memory of Sonny Sharrock, the show's musician.
  • On the SGC2C "Lovesick" episode, Star Lady's rant continues over the logo ("You think it's cool to have no pupils just so you can look like Batman or somethin'... No wonder Ms. Nesbitt left you!")
  • On 1995-1996 episodes of Cartoon Planet, it's the ending theme of the show.
  • On the SGC2C S7 episode "Kentucky Nightmare", the music is a long held out metal guitar riff played 2 times in place of the hammer strikes.
    • A similar variant appeared on the S8 episode, "Baffler Meal", but also includes Space Ghost (voiced by George Lowe) yelling "NOOOO!!!".

Availability: Rare. Can be found on 1995-2001 episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast starting with the S2 episode, "Sleeper" (as well as its finale "Live At The Fillmore", aired in 2004, due to the fact that said episode is unfinished and so its entire end credits sequence, logos and all, is just the one from the GPI-era episode "Kentucky Nightmare"), as well as the rather obscure Cartoon Planet.

Legacy: A well-known logo among SGC2C fans due to its sampling of a logo theme from the past, its dark and unique concept and its longevity.

Ghost Planet Industries
Williams Street
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