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PFS2021Channel [Susastir & Gaulves] (AU-NZ-SG-IE) and Wilkins the Library Music Fan

(October 31, 1986-August 11, 2000)

Gharib Nawaz Films-Jabbar Talha Khalid & Co (1986-1991).png

Logo: We see what appears to be Islamic text on what appears to be a flower-decorated wall. Then it cuts to the camera zooming out to reveal a painting of the tomb of Gharib Nawaz (a.k.a. the Ajmer Sharif Dargah) on a flower picture frame. It stays that way.

Variant: Sometimes the Islamic text doesn't appear, and because of this, the painting doesn't zoom out.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Music/Sounds: An annoucer saying something from the Quran, and a man singing in Punjabi.

Availability: Seen on Keemat, Dulari, 30 Maar Khan, Roop Ki Rani, Bakhtawar, Khatron Kay Khilari, and Sultana Daku. May also have appeared on Yaadgar.

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