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Logo: On a sunrise background, we see mountains with palm trees on top. At the bottom, we can see the text "THE NEXT WAVE IN ENTERTAINMENT", in a pink. The text is hardly visible, due to half of it being off-screen, and the word "WAVE" being barely noticeable. The camera then moves upwards, as we fade to a pink sunrise background, with a pink metallic sphere in the middle. We fade to a dark purple background, with "Genesis", in a red slanted, Mistral-like cursive font. Below it to the right is "HOME - VIDEO, LTD.", sandwiched between two lines, all of the same color as "Genesis". The sphere, now silvery, is seen on top of "Genesis", just above the "n and "e". After some time, the text from the beginning "THE NEXT WAVE IN ENTERTAINMENT", arranged in a purple font with white "shadowing" appears in the center of the screen, as the other text and sphere fade out to a time-lapse cloudy sky or moving lava lamp-like background colored with orange, yellow, pink and green, all neon. The text disappears, and the background fades to black a couple of seconds after.

Technique: 2D animation, possibly done on a computer.

Music/Sounds: A somewhat loud thunder sound, a long, drawn-out, high-pitched, synth-like whistle descending in pitch, and a synthesized "hum", that sounds similar to the 1982-1991 PolyGram Video logo.

Availability: Very rare. Can be found on Christmas Evil and Night of Horror, among others.

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