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Gaumont Columbia RCA Video

1st Logo (1982-1989)

Logo: On a black background, a white rectangle spins upwards, containing the 1981-1995 Gaumont logo in white and slightly off center. It eventually rests at the top of the screen as the Columbia Pictures print logo at the time (but arranged horizontally) in blue spins up from the bottom left corner and rests below the Gaumont section. The 2 halves of the box then swing in around the logo and encase it. Below them, the text "RCA VIDEO" (with the former being the RCA logo and the latter being just a red outline) zooms in from below the screen and a incomplete rectangle then slides up, enclosing it and finishing the logo

Technique: The animation of the logos.

Music/Sounds: A fanfare with drums and brass instruments that sounds identical to the 20th Century Fox fanfare and the Superman theme, but not as good.

Availability: Seen on French releases of Gaumont and Columbia Pictures (and TriStar Pictures) and even some Orion Pictures movies from the time. It's unsure but doubtful if it appears on Canadian French releases distributed by ISV, like Alone in the Dark (to name one).

Legacy: Rather simple animation, though it's to be expected from an early 80s logo,

2nd Logo (1989-1993)

Logo: On a space background, several balls zoom out with trail effects to the back of the screen. A 3D version of the Gaumont logo then drops down with a trail behind it and zooms out to its position, just as the balls stop. A blue wire frame trail then zooms in and reveals itself to be the Columbia Pictures print logo (but with "films" instead), swinging a bit before stopping in the middle. The RCA logo then comes in and moves into position, with the "A" flipping in the process. "VIDEO" zooms in beside it and 2 halves of a 3-tiered rectangle outline then come in, enclosing the logo. The spaces are then wiped with black to block out the stars. The final result is almost exactly the same as the previous logo; the differences being the Columbia logo and the tighter spacing.

Technique: The animations of the letters.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Same as the above.

Legacy: Better than before, but it's still very primitive.

Gaumont Columbia TriStar Home Video

(1993-Early 2000s)

Logo: On a black background, we see a portrait of the Columbia Pictures torch lady spin in from the top left corner of the screen. The TriStar pegasus portrait does the same from the opposing direction. The words "TRISTAR" and "COLUMBIA" slide in from opposing sides of the screen, only to slightly zoom back and position themselves on their respective portraits. Then, a gradient lilac version of the Gaumont daisy zooms out and spins, situating itself on the top of the logo. The Gaumont text fades in while "HOME VIDEO" in red slides down from the two portraits and zooms back slightly. A box outline fades in, encasing the logo.


  • Since later releases have the warning screen play the theme first, the logo is shortened to the boxes moving in, the box being drawn in and the text appearing from it.
  • At the end of the VHS TV spot for Universal Soldier, the still version of the logo is zoomed out further than usual.

Technique: The text/portrait animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as the theme for the previous two logos. The later variant has the end of the theme.

Availability: Seen on French prints of material from Columbia and TriStar Pictures.

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