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This is Gary Reilly's production company. It was formerly known as Jacaranda Productions. It did not use a logo until 1988. Prior to that, only an in-credit text is used.

1st Logo (February 10, 1988-March 6, 1991)

Logo: Over the end credits, two halves of the words


on a beige background with a dark gray square above it, slide in diagonally from opposites sides of the screen and turn to face us. The square disappears and the words then flip around to reveal the Australian Television Network text/logo or the Seven Network logo.

Variant: An earlier version exists where the background is white, the text is black and the square is more of a greenish tint.

Technique: Just the sliding and flipping.

Music/Sounds: Just the end theme of the show coupled with an end spiel that would vary from show to show. There would be different variants of said spiel.

  • Hey Dad...!: "This show is recorded in front of a live audience. Hey Dad...! is a Gary Reilly Production for the Australian Television Network/Seven Network."

Availability: Seen on seasons 2-4 of Hey Dad...!

2nd Logo (March 13, 1991-August 17, 1994)


Logo: Over the end credits, a painting of a TV screen, which is made up of a round blue airbrush stroke, a round red paintbrush stroke, and a yellow dot with a pair of TV antennae above it against a white background, "unrolls" onto the screen. The words "Gary Reilly Productions", in Times New Roman, stick themselves at the top. Then, it flips around to reveal the Seven Network logo from the time, but in black.

Technique: The rolling and flipping.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show with the same spiel from before, but with "Seven Network" in place of "Australian Television Network".

Availability: Seen on the last ten seasons of Hey Dad...!

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