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Велаши Приходковский


GTRK Kuzbass is the state regional broadcaster of the Kemerovo Oblast in Russia.


ГТРК Кузбасс (1998).png

Logo: We see several blue rings and glowing yellow lights over a starfield. Those lights then move away from each other while the rings stop glowing and fade out, and we travel through the starfield to see a glowing constellation. We zoom into one of the stars, which turns from yellow to turquoise, and the camera moves away as the same light shines through a waterdrop on one of the leaves from a thin, tall tree. The camera pans up while another, taller tree fades in. A yellow light particle spins through the tree and the trunk of the tree transforms into a golden, shining honeycomb-like material. We zoom into this material revealing the steel borders within each golden sphere. The reflection of a bear walking in through the forest is shown on these spheres, as the screen scribbles away into a picture of a mountainous river area zooming out, with the golden logo of the station, appearing to be "TPк" with a drawing of a bear cut-out at the center. Below is "ТЕЛЕВИДЕНИЕ КУЗБАССА", also in gold, and the byline, "ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЕ ТЕЛЕВИДЕНИЕ КУЗБАСС", with the last word in quotes.

Technique: Decent CGI for the time, of course with some outdated elements (like the trees at the 6th second mark). Live-action for the bear footage.

Music/Sounds: A whimsical fanfare with strings and brass.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

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