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Велаши Приходковский


GTRK Komi Gor is the state regional broadcaster of the Komi Republic in Russia, headquartered in Syktyvkar.

1st Logo (1997-2002)

ГТРК Коми Гор (1997).png

Logo: We see the logo of the company, a mountainous triangle surrounded by six arrows and another of these arrows inverted into the shape, with the text "КОМИ ГОР" at the bottom, zooming out from the center of the screen to the top-left. The rest of the screen fades into footage of the station's antenna over a blue sky. It then ripples out to one of the broadcasting centers of the station, focused on the text "ПЕРЕДАЧА". This brief footage fades out to sunflowers on a river field, then a close-up of a sunflower as it fades to footage of industrial activities in the river. Numerous stars shoot in on the bottom corners of the screen, as an image of a factory fades in and transitions out to a sunset, flipping out. Then we see the company logo as described at the beginning, this time with the colors blue, green and white wiping into it (the colors of the Komi Republic's flag), and with the arrows further zoomed in, obscuring the mountainous triangle. The arrows are shown spinning as the sun shines behind the logo.

Technique: 2DCG animation, accompanied by the live-action footage.

Music/Sounds: A theme played on bells; most probably a famous regional song.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

2nd Logo (2003-2010)

ГТРК Коми Гор (2003).png

Logo: TBA

Technique: TBA

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Extinct on TV.

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