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Велаши Приходковский


GTRK Khakassia is the state regional broadcaster of the Republic of Khakassia from Russia, headquartered in Abakan.


ГТРК Хакасия (1996).png

Logo: We see a quickly moving starfield while a 3D Earth globe model fades in. The texture of the Earth changes to some pictures of Khakassian sights, including silhouettes of animals, a field covered in snow, a mountainous field with a rock, two steppes, and the station's transmission tower. The turquoise text "ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЕ ТЕЛЕВИДЕНИЕ ХАКАСИИ", in three lines, stretches in from the left of the globe, while some orange sparks appear on the bottom-right. In that part there appears a logo of Cyrillic letters with a green ring behind. Once everything is settled in, the logo freeze-frames.

Technique: Cheap CGI graphics.

Music/Sounds: An arpeggiated synth with a bell melody (maybe an excerpt of a regional song).

Availability: Extinct on TV.

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