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GDH 559 Co., Ltd. (Thai: บริษัท จีดีเอช ห้าห้าเก้า จำกัด), commonly known as GDH, is a Thai film studio mainly owned by the Thai entertainment conglomerate GMM Grammy. It was founded on 5 January 2016 as a successor to GMM Tai Hub — Thailand's most successful film studio of the early-2000s to the mid-2010s which had been dissolved in December 2015 due to internal conflicts between the company's three major shareholders — GMM Grammy, Tai Entertainment and Hub Ho Hin.

GTH is reorganized into GDH after the departure of Tai Entertainment and it is formed by GMM Grammy, which holds a majority 51% stake, Hub Ho Hin Film at 15% and the rest are of individual stakeholders which most of them are the company's staff and crew. Despite changes in its internal management, GDH continued its successful streak of films beginning with Bad Genius, The Promise and Happy Old Year and it remains as Thailand's most successful film studio commercially and critically.

GDH Five Five Nine

1st Logo (2016)

Logo: The words "GDH 559" appear in Gotham.

Variants: The logo can be seen in either in horizontal form, enclosed square or in an underlined form. The most common form of the logo is the underlined variant where the words "GDH" above and "559" below and above the underline.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Rare. Only appears as a placeholder logo in the first few GDH TV productions of Diary of Tootsies, Gasohug and I See You (the English-language trailer of I See You uses the next logo below).

GDH 559

2nd Logo (September 1, 2016- )

Logo: On a white background, a cerulean blue "gdh" thaumatrope in spun by two hands pulling its string. Most prints of GDH films shows two versions of the logo. The first appearance of the logo where the blue GDH disc fades in the first followed by the logotype "GROSS DOMESTIC HAPPINESS" in orange. The second appearance of the logo spinning of the thaumatrope in which the "gdh" disc spins along with the gradual appearance of the "water drop" animating to its final position between the "g" and "h" while its flickers between "gdh" and the water drop (the hue gets a bit darker throughout the flickering) then it abruptly flips to its final position along with the "GROSS DOMESTIC HAPPINESS" logotype.


  • The 16:9 widescreen logo is the most commonly used.
  • The 4:3 version is used on all prints of Happy Old Year.
  • The zoomed-in version of the logo is used in majority of trailers of GDH films beginning in One Day.
  • A faded version is used in the trailer of The Promise.
  • On trailers of Happy Old Year, the logo is a still picture.
  • The logo itself is also seen in various backgrounds, notably in the end of the trailers as well as in Bad Genius: The Series.
  • A monochrome variant of the logo does exist in social media promotional materials of the Netflix film Ghost Lab and The Medium (Rang Zong).
  • Beginning with Brother Of The Year in 2018, the fade-in version of the logo does not appear.
  • In between these logos are the appearance of the logos of its production companies involved in the production (notably Jor Kwang Films) as well as a sponsor logo spread (mainly by Thai Life Insurance). On Thai prints, a rating screen appears first before the first logo while international prints is preceded by a distributor's logo depending on the territory where the film is released.

Technique: CGI mixed with live-action.

Music/Sounds: None at its first appearance. On its second appearance after the production and sponsor logos, a dramatic fanfare follows.

Music/Sounds Variant: A natural thaumatrope spin sound variant is used in most prints of The Medium (Rang Zong).

Availability: Common in Thailand (as well as in many parts of Southeast Asia and East Asia).

  • Mainly seen on GDH 559 films starting with One Day.
  • On teasers and trailers of The Medium (Rang Zong), the logo does not appear.
  • Despite GDH's ownership of the GMM Tai Hub/GTH's catalog, the original logos are instead used on-screen and on Disney+ Hotstar prints as well.
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