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Funbag Animation Studios was a Canadian animation studio based in Ottawa, Ontario providing production services on many animated series. It was founded in 1992, but they did not have an on-screen logo until 1998. On April 29, 2007, the company closed down due to a decline in business and some of it's employees at the studio founded New Bike Entertainment to secure Funbag's assets.

1st Logo (April 12, 1998-2005)


Logo: On a white background, we see a paperbag with a face and cut at the top. It breathes in, puffing up as it does so, and then various items (such as a jack-in-the-box, confetti, a pencil, and a filmstrip) fly out of it as it begins to laugh, rotating slightly. A purple oval is formed behind it, and as it appears, the letters "N" (in green), "A" (in pink), "U" (in yellow), "G" (in teal), "F" (in blue), and "B" (in red) respectively fall from the top of the screen to spell "FUNBAG", all in a crooked position separated from each other.


  • A more common version starts when the letters fall from the top of the screen.
  • An in-credit version appears on The Mole Sisters and Faireez.
  • Another in-credit version appears on Toad Patrol where it lacks the background and the letters are all in a different color; the "F" in red, the "U" in purple, the "N" in orange, the "B" in blue, the "A" in yellow, and the "G" in green.

Technique: Hand-drawn animation.

Music/Sounds: A rustling sound, followed by a pop and the bag's hysterical laughter. There are also a few "boing" sounds and what seems to be a cuica as the letters fall, and this culminates in a synth orchestral note.

Music/Sounds Variant: On most of the shows it appears on, the ending theme plays over it.

Availability: Rare. Seen on Anthony Ant, the last two seasons of Freaky Stories, Toad Patrol, The Mole Sisters, King, Just Jamie, The Eggs, and Faireez. Its first appearance was at the end of The Tale of the Great Bunny.

2nd Logo (November 5, 2000-December 16, 2001)


Logo: On a beige woven background, the same paperbag from before appears but is now completely still and the oval is dark blue with a black border. "FUNBAG" appears below jiggling in large 3-D letters (resembling alphabet fridge magnets) with each one out of position and in a different color; the "F" in purple, the "U" in dark red, the "N" in green, the "B" in red, the "A" in blue, and the "G" in light green. "ANIMATION STUDIOS" appears underneath in light yellow.

Technique: The letters in "FUNBAG" jiggling about.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Ultra rare. Only seen on For Better or Worse.

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