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1st Logo (1997-2001)

Logo: A silver shape flies backwards and in a turning motion. It is revealed to be an abstract drawing of a eye with three eyelashes and a round pupil that stops in the middle of the black screen and "twinkles". As the small flash from the "twinkle" shrinks away, the screen turns white and the eye changes color as well (the pupil turns red, and the rest black). Above and below the eye, blocks of "static" turn into words in blue-colored letters. Above it is "FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK, INC." Below the eye is, "FUJI CREATIVE CORPORATION".

Variant: On reruns of later seasons of Iron Chef, this logo's text differs a bit from above. The animation is still the same, but only "FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK, INC." fades in below.

Technique: The eye logo turning, the screen changing colors, and the words appearing.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy chiming sound ending with a synthesized ring.

Availability: Uncommon. Was seen in American airings of Iron Chef (the original series, not Iron Chef USA) on Food Network and the Cooking Channel. The Iron Chef variant can also be seen on some Japanese airings of Thomas & Friends.

2nd Logo (1998-2001)


Logo: TBA.

Technique: TBA.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Seen on Iron Chef in Japan and the first USA adaptation of Iron Chef.

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