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FremantleMedia (doing business as Fremantle) is a British-based media conglomerate company founded on August 20, 2001, following back in July 2000 as a merger of Pearson Television and CLT-UFA; the companies merged to become "RTL Group" and by renaming the production arm to FremantleMedia, who currently owns the All American, Mark Goodson, and Reg Grundy libraries, among other formats. In 2003, FremantleMedia acquired Australian production company Crackerjack Productions, who merged with Grundy Television to form "FremantleMedia Australia". On September 7, 2018, the company changed its onscreen name to simply "Fremantle," though FremantleMedia remains its legal name. Today, Fremantle is a division of the RTL Group, and is 90% owned by German media conglomerate, Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA, which is 80.9% owned by the Bertelsmann Foundation and 19.1% owned by the Mohn Family.



(September 10, 2018-)  
(September 10, 2018-)


(April 15, 2002-February 1, 2019; October 29, 2020)

Logo: On a royal blue background, white paint (which looks more like milk or whipped cream) "bubbles" out in the center, then pulls back and to the right as the paint orbits around to form a stylized atom design. The text "FREMANTLEMEDIA", in Futura font with different font weights, blurs in to the left of the atom. Afterwards, four white paint drops appear around the atom.


  • On North American-produced shows, the words "NORTH AMERICA", in a non-bold Futura typeface, appear right under "FREMANTLEMEDIA" next to the bubble. For Australia, the word "AUSTRALIA" would appear under the name. For Poland, "POLSKA" would appear under the name in a basic font (either Arial or Helvetica).
  • Starting in 2005, the logo was remade in HD, and a 5th paint drop was added.
  • In some cases, the variant where the paint drops randomly appear.
  • The Polska version has as very rare version with the "POLSKA" text in a non-bold Futura. It was seen on Kuba Wojewódzki, old Familiada episodes, and Season 1 of Brzydula.
  • On Familiada old episodes, the paintstoke appears, until, the gameshow fades.
  • On the North America variant, the short version sometimes fades in.
  • The text "Distributed by" appears above the name for distribution of shows from the UK.
  • The text Distributed by FREMANTLE INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION" appears underneath the logo for global distribution since 2003.
  • For other shows that they produced or distributed globally such as MTV's Eye Candy, either the text Enterprises or International fades in.
  • An early variant has been spotted with a white background, black text, a blue atom, and no animation on the final season of Bruce's Price is Right. Some episodes of US TPIR from 2001 & 2002 (like the first "Million Dollar Spectaculars") also have this logo. In the Finnish TV quiz show Voitto kotiin from 2002, the black text and a blue atom are seen quickly fading in on a white background. This variant is also used in games based on TV shows. An in-credit version was seen on the first 2 seasons of Tree Fu Tom, along with the second series of Kate & Mim-Mim (with white text), while season 1 of Kate & Mim-Mim used an in-credit variant with the white background.
  • Another variant of the early version has an enlarged second half of the blue atom on a white background on the first half, beside it is a small FremantleMedia logo. Copyright information is below.
  • The logo is on right such as Philippines Got Talent (blue atom, black text on white background).
  • A long version exists. In this version, a splash of white paint flies through the air, going from left to right. Then, it fades into a scene of two more splashes: one other direction, and the other flying down from left to right. Afterwards, it fades in to what is described in the more commonplace short version.
  • Some versions of this logo are stretched out, such as the one appearing after episodes of The Price Is Right $1,000,000 Spectacular from 2008.
  • On the 2014 Australian version of Family Feud, the short version of the logo is superimposed onto a blue background with a shining yellow line on top of it, This is superimposed onto the final few seconds of the program.
  • Starting in the 36th season of The Price Is Right, the FremantleMedia logo can now be seen on credits, replacing the Mark Goodson Productions logo. "FREMANTLEMEDIA" is in white, and the atom symbol is royal blue. The logo is accompanied by the following announcement: "This is (announcer's name) speaking for The Price is Right, a FremantleMedia production.".
  • There is a B/W variant.
  • On some BBC airings of Neighbours, the URL "" appears below.
  • The logo appeared superimposed, inside a box, on later episodes of 100 Mexicanos Dijeron (Mexico's version of Family Feud). The fully animated logo also appeared on ¿Que Dice la Gente?, inside a box (with a white border), against a black background.
  • On Portugal's O Preco Certo (em Euros), the phrase "Uma producao RTP executada por:" ("An output performed by RTP") appears above the logo, and is true for all shows on RTP from the company.
  • The French version of Going for Gold, titled Questions pour un Champion has the logo superimposed into a blue rippling background, and after it finishes animating, a copyright stamp appears under the logo.
  • On Komunikata, the logo is on the left along with TPI and copyright below superimposing the background with Komunikata logo.
  • An in-credit version appears above the Endemol logo on the Netherlands' version of TPIR, Cash en Carlo.
  • A superimposed version of the logo appears in rectangular form, above the Caracol TV logo, on 100 Colombianos Dicen (Colombia's version of FF).
  • On Hole in the Wall on Cartoon Network, the short logo was superimposed in the credits after the HITW theme ends. The logo plays with a +1 pitch in a blue rectangle, and after the superimposed logo ends, the American version of the logo plays.
  • A still shot version of any of the variants exist.
  • On the UK DVD release of Count Duckula: Vampire Vacation, the URL “” appears below the logo.

Technique: Computer animation, mixed with live-action footage.

Music/Sounds: First, we hear a low guitar strum, segueing into a synthesized percussion-driven instrumental. It then culminates with a three-strum guitar jingle, the last note of which echoes. This was composed by Score Productions, which did music for The Price is Right, Family Feud and the 1986 Lorimar-Telepictures logo.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • In other cases, the end-title theme plays over, the generic network theme on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox or The CW, or it's silent.
  • On Baywatch, episodes of The Price is Right on the 2008 DVD "Best of" set, episodes of Family Feud from season 14 and onward, and all game shows aired on Buzzr, there is a low tone version of the theme.
  • A long version exists. It uses the extended version of that theme, complete with a piano note in the middle of the sound.
  • There is a very short version with the last four notes of the theme.
  • On Challenge's airings of Strike It Lucky in the UK, the end of the theme plays over the logo on the first two seasons; on the third season the logo jingle plays, cutting of the theme music presumably due to a plastering error.
    • A similar variant of this theme exists when Challenge airs the 1995 series of Bruce's Price is Right where it cuts off the theme music due to plastering.
  • On DVD releases of the 1983 television film Adam, the closing theme of this movie is heard, and, after the logo has finished, then the short version of the 1978 Alan Landsburg Productions theme over the finished logo. The ALP logo is seen before the FremantleMedia logo.
  • On Where the Hell's that Gold???!!! on its DVD release, it uses the low tone variant of the 1997 Pearson Television music on the "North America" version, as a result of double plaster.
  • There is a variant that have the long version jingle played on the common variant "paint bubble", thus freeze-frame for a few second.
  • On Komunikata, a voiceover in Indonesia says "Komunikata is a production of FremantleMedia in association with TPI. Nusrin Nuerdin speaking". The closing theme is used (sometimes after the jingle plays).
  • On current prints of Series 1 of Count Duckula, the downpour of rain is heard, this is due to plastering over the 1969 Thames Television logo.

Availability: Very common.

  • Short Version
    • With the sounder, it can be seen on the current version of Family Feud in syndication and GSN, the second season of Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck on GSN, live editions of Fox's American Idol, The Price is Right, and Let's Make a Deal on CBS, Grojband on Teletoon and Cartoon Network, Max Steel on Disney XD, and Buzzr airing of Match Game (in lower pitch, nonetheless).
    • The Enterprises and International version appears on shows that it's companies produced or shows that Fremantle only distributed.
    • This plasters the Thames Television logo on episodes of Strike It Lucky, and the Central/Carlton logo on episodes of Dale's Supermarket Sweep, when aired on Challenge in the UK.
    • Some episodes of the 1995 series of Bruce's Price is Right have this logo plastering the Yorkshire/Talbot variant.
    • On one episode of the 2000 series of the latter also have this logo plastering the Yorkshire/Grundy variant.
    • The Australian version appears on post-2006 episodes of Neighbours and Temptation, among other then-current, then-new and former series in Australia.
    • It was last seen on Hole in the Wall on Cartoon Network.
    • It's also seen on seasons 3-8 DVD releases of The Bill and on Baywatch on the now-defunct More>Movies ("More Than Movies") in the UK.
    • This also was seen at the end of every game show episode aired on their network Buzzr, and still occasionally shows up there unplastered.
    • It appears at the end of Jack The Ripper after the final credit that precedes the Lorimar-Telepictures logo since it's a Thames production.
    • When Mr. Bean (the live action series) aired on Disney Channel Asia, both a still "Distributed by" version or a short animated version with Distributed by appeared.
    • This appeared on the October 29, 2020 episode of ABC's Match Game (over a year after it was last used), as it was recorded in 2019.
  • Long Version
    • It appears on Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck's first season with the show's theme playing over it.
    • It was also sighted on The Aquabats! Super Show! on Hub Network (before the rebrand to Discovery Family), My Babysitter's a Vampire on Disney Channel, and Monsuno on Nicktoons.
    • With the sounder, it can be found on ¿Que Dice la Gente? (the Spanish-language version of Family Feud) on Telefutura, on DVD releases of American Idol, Match Game, Family Feud, and The Price is Right, Fatal Love (plastering over ACI logo), The Moving of Sophia Myles (plastering over Pearson TV International logo). and was also seen on Temptation: The All-New Sale of the Century, when last seen on MyNetworkTV. It also appears on S1 and S2 episodes of Asia's Got Talent on AXN, following the Sony/SPT (S1), or Sony Pictures Television Networks (S2).
    • It is also used as a de-facto home video logo in the United Kingdom and Germany, plus some game show DVDs released in America.
    • Also appears at the end of current prints of Count Duckula, either by plastering over the Thames Television logo (on episodes from Series 1) or being seen after the Thames Television logo (on episodes from Series 2) and being seen after Cosgrove Hall Productions's second logo (on episodes from Series 3).
    • It also appears on 2014-2018 Familiada episodes.
    • The Polska version appears on Season 1 of Brzydula and later episodes of Kuba Wojewódzki.

Legacy: It's not seen as popular due to its wide prevalence on television, in part due to its plastering older logos, though it's not on the scale of Sony Pictures Television, 20th Television or CBS Television Distribution.


(September 10, 2018-)

Logo: On a black background, two shots fade in and out depicting the letters "Fr" and "e" in white being written out in cursive. A third shot shows a cursive white "m" being drawn, which zooms out to reveal the words "Fremantle" being drawn out in cursive handwriting. The stem of the "t" is the last of the lettering to be drawn after the zoom out.


  • A shorter version with the first two shots omitted has also been shown.
  • An in-credit version appears on The Price Is Right, accompanied by a revised announcement: "This is (announcer's name) speaking for The Price Is Right, a Fremantle production."
  • On some older shows distributed by Fremantle, the text "Distributed by" or "Produced and Distributed by" appears above the logo.
  • There is a still version of the "Distributed by" variant. This is seen on the Jack the Ripper miniseries.
  • Rarely, the theme plays over a black screen. This has appeared on Buzzr airings of a 1972 episode (#1662) of What's My Line?, episode #530 of Match Game '75, and episode #1331 of Match Game '78.
  • A version stretched from 4:3 to 16:9 appeared on programming aired on Buzzr around May 20, 2021 due to a scaling error.
  • On the 2022 Filipino version of Family Feud, no logo is featured at all, just a copyright stamp on a black background. However, starting with a March 25, 2022 episode (episode 3), the script, in still form, appears before the stamp. Starting with episode 6, aired in March 30, 2022, the full animation plays, but sped up in order to fit with the show's runtime.
  • A zoomed-in variant also exists as well.

Technique: 2D animation by Venturethree.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic three-note orchestral string theme followed by a chorus stinger when the stem of the "t" is drawn. This was composed by Reuben Shaljean.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The shorter version cuts out the first two notes.
  • On CBS programmes, the network's guitar-driven generic theme from the 2003-04 on-air look (which is slightly high-pitched since 2008) is used.
  • ABC and NBC airings used the respective channels' generic themes.
  • Sometimes, the logo has the previous logo's theme if it plasters that logo, or the show's ending theme.
  • High tone and low tone variants both also exist.
  • Rarely, the theme is slightly re-arranged.

Availability: Current and very common.

  • It first appeared on the September 10, 2018 episode of Neighbours.
  • It debuted in the U.S. on the September 11, 2018 episode of America's Got Talent and later appeared on both The Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal on the 17th of that same month.
  • The logo also appears on most of the shows airing on Buzzr, replacing the previous logo, starting with the newly acquired Classic Concentration.
  • The logo should appear on newer episodes of American shows and Australian shows that once bore the previous logo.
  • The logo also appears on new and future American and Australian shows such as Unleashed, Game of Talents, Lie With Me and About Last Night, among others.
  • It also appears on its rebooted game shows that they own like Card Sharks, Press Your Luck and Supermarket Sweep.
  • Season 20 of Family Feud began using this logo on October of 2018.
  • Another place the logo appears is on S3 episodes of Asia's Got Talent.
  • Currently appears on the 2022 Filipino version of Family Feud (in still and animated forms starting with the episodes stated above).
  • The logo has started to plaster the previous logo on prints of older shows outside of the United States as well.
  • It can be found on later prints of the miniseries Jack the Ripper (1988) and also on HD remasters of Baywatch, currently on Amazon Prime and Pluto TV.
  • As with the last logo, it appears as a de-facto home video logo in the United Kingdom and Germany.
  • Seen also on season 2 of Brzydula and Familiada episodes from 2018 onwards.

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