Freestyle Releasing

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Freestyle Releasing is an independent movie publishing company specializing on low budget films, formed by Mark Borde and Susan Jackson (who also formed BMG Independents) in 2003. It specializes in helping other people and companies to release their films theatrically for getting distribution fees.

(May 5, 2006-)

Logo: On a white background, we zoom out from a black half-pipe as we see a teal 2D skater who skateboards across it. As we zoom out, the half-pipe is revealed to also be teal. After a few seconds, the skater jumps up, and turns into an "F", with a dot near the top left of it. The picture quickly zooms out to reveal the name "FREESTYLE", in a stylized font, with "RELEASING" below it.

Technique: The skater moving.

Music/Sounds: The skater's skateboard moving across the half-pipe, and a low synth note as the skater turns into an "F".

Availability: Can be seen on some films from the company, such as Crazy on the Outside and The Haunting of Molly Hartley.

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