Frank Producciones

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Raro VHS


Logo: We fade from black to see numerous bars scrolling upwards while gradually turning from blue to beige. After approximately five seconds of scrolling, the bars stop scrolling to reveal the company logo, which consists of a stylized "f" among and made up of red, green and blue lines with the black text "FRANK PRODUCCIONES" below the lines and to the right of the "f", all of which is inside a white rounded rectangle with a thick black border.

Technique: The scrolling, color-changing bars, the logo scrolling into view.

Music/Sounds: Some kind of trumpet tune.

Availability: Seen on at least eight VHS tapes, which are Argentine releases of The Alpha Incident, Bad Guys, Three for the Road, Jungle Rats, El extraño hijo del Sheriff, Space Case, Desert Warrior and Sorceress.

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