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France Télévisions SA is the public national broadcaster of France. Currently the channels owned by the company include France 2 (formerly Antenne 2), France 3 (formerly France Régions 3), France 4 (formerly Festival), France 5 (formerly La Cinquiéme) and France Ô (formerly RFO Sat).

1st Logo (1992-2002)

Logo: We see the logo of France 2 on top and the logo of France 3 on the bottom. In the middle we see the words "rendez-vous" or "France Télévision".

Technique: TBA.

Music/Sounds: A drum and techno piece.

Availability: Extinct.

2nd Logo (April 7, 2008-September 5, 2011)

Logo: Various colors shoot in, stop from a distance and become squares. These squares then flip to their corporate directions. Once they're placed, they're revealed to be red (representing France 2), blue (representing France 3), purple (representing France 4), green (representing France 5) and orange (representing France Ô). The squares stop into their position, zoom in slightly, and the wordmark "francetélévisions" fades in below.

Technique: The squares shooting in and flipping.

Music/Sounds: An ascending string note with an air fizz, a 2-note chime, and a gated synth.

Availability: Currently rare. May be seen on France Télévisions shows from the time.

3rd Logo (2011)

Logo: We see a trail of 5 flying colors while the France Televisions logo appears below.

Technique: TBA.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 2nd logo.

Availability: TBA.

4th Logo (January 29, 2018-)

Logo: We see a circle of dots, with another dot in the middle. Then we see the France TV logo fade in.

Technique: TBA.

Music/Sounds: A beeping noise.

Availability: TBA.

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