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France 5 is a public TV channel that was created when France Télévisions acquired La 5e, which was previously owned by La Sept Arte, and rebranded it to its current name.

1st Logo (2002)

Logo: We see the names of various journalists that have worked in La 5e/France 5 appearing on a yellow background. The background then turns white while the words turn yellow, circle around and absorb themselves into the La 5e logo (a blue circle with a "5" and an "e"), making the circle green. The circle then spins around while the words "LE NOM CHANGE" ("THE NAME CHANGES") and "LES VISAGES RESTENT LES MEMES" ("THE FACES STAY THE SAME") appear. Then the circle turns into the France 5 logo.

Technique: TBA

Music/Sounds: Beeping sounds when the names appear, a whoosh when the background changes color, a droning theme when the words start absorbing themselves into the logo, and an announcer saying "Le nom change. Les visages restent les mêmes. La 5e devient France 5." ("The name changes. The faces remain the same. La 5e becomes France 5.").

Availability: TBA

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