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Fox World was an international production sub-division of Fox Television Studios (now "Fox 21 Television Studios", which would become "Touchstone Television", and then folded to "20th Television".) and a division of 20th Century Fox International Television created to make reality shows overseas. It was founded in 2001, and went defunct in 2010.


Logo: We zoom-out from a golden rotating model of Earth, to reveal it is the standard 1994 20th Century Fox logo except with "FOX WORLD" instead of "20th CENTURY FOX". The "O" is the golden model of Earth. The byline, "A FOX TELEVISION STUDIOS COMPANY" fades-in when the logo forms.


  • A sped-up version exists.
  • Two shortened variants exist. In some cases, the logo begins by zooming out of the structure. In other cases, the camera is already in the finished spot, with the searchlights moving in the background.
  • In Troca de Familia, an additional copyright stamp fades in during the zoom-out. This copyright stamp fades out before the byline fades in.
  • An in-credit version showing a screenshot or a print version of the logo exists.
  • The placement of the byline could differ.

Technique: CGI animation by Flip Your Lid Animation, who also animated the 1994 standard logo.

Music/Sounds: Either the end of the show, or the second half of the 1997 20th Century Fox Fanfare.

Availability: Scarce, bordering on extremely rare.

  • It has been seen in the French, Russian and Australian versions of Temptation Island.
  • The in-credit version can be found in the British reality series The Murder Game and the gameshow Die Spielarena, a German version of Face Off.
  • The logo has been spotted in the Australian series Love Bytes, the reality show Captive, the Brazilian series Troca de Familia, the Finnish version of Joe Millionaire titled Miljonääri-Jussi and in the third season of Camp Orange titled Camp Orange: The Mystery of Spaghetti Creek.
  • This logo was last seen on season 8 of L'Île de la tentation, the French version of Temptation Island, airing in 2010.

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