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Fox Sweden is the Swedish Television Division of Television Studio Fox founded in September 22, 2014.

1st Logo (September 22, 2014-2015?)

Logo: We see whatever Swedish City sped up with the 3D Fox logo in white being dimmed. Then the text "FOX" starts up, making it glow white.

Trivia: The Variants described all have names by their cities, which are Stockholm (Capital City for Sweden located in the Southeast), Malmo (Located in the Southwest), Goteborg (Also located in the Southwest), & Norrland (Located in the Middle East of Sweden).

Variants: As said in Trivia, they all depend on the cities.

  • Stockholm: "Fox" can be seen on a building & it turns night.
  • Malmo: "Fox" can be seen on a field behind the city.
  • Goteborg: "Fox" can be seen in front of a building. It also turns night.
  • Norrland: "Fox" can be seen on a few low mountains behind a lake at night time. Also, an Aurora Borealis can be seen.

Technique: Live-Action.

Music/Sounds: The background noises from the cities are heard. When "Fox" starts up, 2 whoosh noises are heard.

Availability: Extinct on Television.

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