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thehugetvfan, Livin and MatthewLMayfield

Editions by
MatthewLMayfield and DisneyInternationalFan

1st ID (1986-1987/1989 for WFLD)

Logo: In a black background, with a reflective floor, we see "FOX" in gold, with the "O" being represented via negative space. The camera pans through the logo and the station name rotates in, complete with its number and city name.

Trivia: All of the stations used this template are Fox O&O (Owned-and-operated) stations (at the time), including:

  • WNYW
  • KTTV
  • WFLD
  • WFXT
  • WTTG
  • KRIV
  • KDAF

Variant: A still variant of this was used on the Saturday Night Live Season 13 episode hosted by Judge Reinhold, right before "The Cop & the Prostitute" sketch. Here, the logo shines and is on a gold background with searchlights behind it.

FX/SFX: The logo panning, the station name fading.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic fanfare. WNYW - 5 New York had a chime ring at the end.

Availability: Extinct. Was used by FOX O&Os. This continued to be used by WFLD Chicago in its sign-off as late as 1989. The SNL variant is retained on the said episode.

2nd ID (1989-1990)


3rd ID (1990-1992)


4th ID (1992-1993)


5th ID (1993-1994)


6th ID (1994-1995)


7th ID (1995-1996)


8th ID (1996-1997)


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