Fox Home Video

From Audiovisual Identity Database

(Mid 1980s)

Fox Home Video.png

Logo: We fade onto an superimposed view, close-up drawing of a black fox with an outlined circle behind it, in a light blue background. We cut to another close-up view as we slide to view the text "FOX", sandwiched between 4 black lines. We then cut to the close-up drawing of a fox again. Then we cut to a zoom-in & out view with the word "HOME" in it. We then slide to view the whole drawing of a black fox as it repeats 2 times. Then we cut to another zoom-in & out view with "VIDEO" in it. Then we cut to the full view of the logo. Shortly after, it fades out.

Technique: The close up, the moving.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized theme which seems particularly similar to Break Machine's "Street Dance".

Availability: Extremely rare. This was seen on Bolek and Lolek Vacations.

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