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1st Logo (June 30, 2019-November 25, 2021) 2nd Logo (September 29, 2019-)
1st Logo (June 30, 2019-November 25, 2021) 2nd Logo (September 29, 2019-)


Created on March 21, 2019, Fox Entertainment is an American television production company and was formed out of what was included in Fox Corporation after The Walt Disney Company purchased (and later folded) 21st Century Fox Inc.

1st Logo (June 30, 2019-November 25, 2021)


Logo: Against a foggy blue background, the Fox logo in its corporate font and in light blue appears, letter-by-letter, followed by a light blue rectangle with "ENTERTAINMENT" in it underneath. Each letter brightens the background slightly.

Technique: Computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A bang when each segment appears.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen on Prodigal Son (until its first season finale), BH90210 and What Just Happened??!. It made a surprise appearance on the 2021 TV special World Pet Games.

2nd Logo (September 29, 2019-)

191104 FOX Thumbnail 04 EG v25-0-00-00-00.png

Logo: On a wall made of several blue shapes with white sides, there are white shapes that resemble the word "FOX". The shapes around the "FOX" text suddenly shoot outwards and the circle shrinks from the middle, revealing dark blue circles. The logo then cuts to a dark blue background, with the "O" now just being a small dark blue circle and the text being encased in a large white circle. The circle then shrinks, forming the Fox corporate text, along with "ENTERTAINMENT" in a white rectangle. It continues to zoom out as the circle (which is now small) expands into the O's slit, completing the logo.

Trivia: This logo, as part of the entire branding package, won Trollbäck+Company a Bronze Entertainment Clio in 2021.


  • Sometimes, the logo doesn't zoom out.
  • There is a longer version of this logo found on Trollbäck+Company's reel where it starts with a close-up of the shapes from an angle as the "FOX" text stretches out before going into the usual animation. The finished result zooms out on a black background.
  • A shortened version of this logo exists, where the circle zooms out to show the already formed logo.
  • On season 2 of The Cleaning Lady, the first few seconds are cut, but the theme plays normally.
  • A loop version has the O growing to reveal the "FOX" geometry shapes. The O grows again, and we reveal back to the original Fox Entertainment logo.

Technique: Advanced computer animation. This was created by Trollbäck+Company, who rebranded Fox at the time when this logo was first introduced.


  • September 29, 2019-October 18, 2022: A whoosh, wind blowing and a choir theme (this later became the new generic theme of the Fox network).
  • April 8, 2021-: A four-note synth theme which syncs up to the animation, which later became the new mnemonic of the Fox network. First heard on S2 E3 of The Moodys; and used in tandem with the other one until October 28, 2022.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Outmatched, the previous logo's music is heard.
  • On the election special of Let's Be Real, the choir theme is absent.
  • A sped-up version of the theme exists.
  • Original airings use a generic theme and a voiceover.
  • Sometimes, the closing theme plays over it or none.

Availability: Current. Seen on shows produced by them, such as Bless the Harts, The Moodys, Duncanville, The Great North, Outmatched, the 2021 iteration of Fantasy Island, Call Me Kat, Pivoting, and The Cleaning Lady. It was also seen on the pilot episode of Deputy.

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