Forum:Was THX's Deep Note stolen from this song?

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6 January 2023

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I'm pretty sure most of you users here on AVID are familiar with the Deep Note heard on THX's trailers. I recently listened to a song called "Spaced" by the musical duo Beaver & Krause, taken from their 1970 album "In a Wild Sanctuary". I did this because under the Wikipedia page for the Deep Note, it mentions under the "Previous Works" section that Trevor Pinch and Frank Trocco said in their book "Analog Days" that the song was copied by THX. You can hear it starting at the 3:10 mark of the following video. Make sure you turn down your volume, as this gets progressively louder.

Click here if you want to hear the 3:10 mark onwards, and not the full song.

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I'm inclined to say that it was a coincidence personally.

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