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First Channel is the second oldest Russian TV channel, (after Fifth Channel) which started broadcasting in 1951 as First Program of Central Television USSR. After the collapse of the USSR, First Program was changed on First Channel of Ostankino, which lasted until 1995. ORT (Obshestvennoe Rossiyskoe Televidenie), or PRT (Public Russian Television) started broadcasting on April 1st, 1995, and changed name to Perviy Kanal (First Channel) in 2002.

1st ID (1st April, 1995-30th September, 1996)

The logo can be seen here.

ID: On a blue background, we see a white clock.

Technique: Arrows moving.

Variant: Sometimes clocks stays for over 1 minute.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen before news programs of the channel, such as Time and News.

2nd ID (1996-2000)


3rd ID (2000-2011)

ID: On the cloudy sky background, we see the digital-like clock with seconds at the bottom and countdown on the top. The background changing one-by-one, with clock staying.

Technique: Clock, the seconds bar and countdown moving, the cloud background changing.

Music/Sounds: Two variants exist, both of them ending with countdown beeps:

  • Morning version (appeared in 2002): An energetic downtempo electronic rock music.
  • Evening version (only variant until 2002): The tick-tock sound with dreamy synth at the beginning, with a weird, pulsating drum-loop (the "Tension 1" drum loop) joining in at the 15 second mark, changing into the music with same dreamy synth.

Music/Sounds Trivia: Two variants of the music are composed by Sergey Chekryzhov using Spectrasonics' Distorted Reality 2 sample CD.

Availability: No longer current, but still easy to find. Seen on many News and Time broadcasts at the era. Also appeared at many technical difficulties with UEIT (УЭИТ) following, followed again by clock at the end.

4th ID (2011-)

ID: It's brightened and enhanced version of previous ID, and in widescreen and 4:3.

Technique: See 3rd ID.

Music/Sounds: See 3rd ID.

Availability: Current. Was seen on newer News and Time broadcasts, especially the Good Morning program airings.

Legacy: See 3rd ID.

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