Films Cuatro

From Audiovisual Identity Database

(Late 1980s-Early 1990s)

Films Cuatro.png

Logo: On a black background, a blurred yellow outlined star zooms forth, as it reveals a blue background with a spinning blurred star. We see the company's logo zooming in which is a dark blue rectangle with the borders in gold. Inside it is the outlined text "FILMS" above, and a "4" below. Another dark blue rectangle; this time with the text "FILMS CUATRO SOCIEDAD ANONIMA" flies over, and is placed below it, but the above flips & shifts over the left, and they stand still. The text "PRESENTA" is being wiped over by zoom-in square segments. They fade out later.

Technique: Prettily much 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A loud whoosh, then a snippet of "Let's Go To Sitges" by Jordi Cubino.

Availability: Very rare. Appears on their releases at the time such as Striker.

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