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Eric S, Unnepad

1st Logo (1988-????)

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Logo: On a stone background, a gold-colored laser carves out the word "FILMPAC" in a wide font and underlines it from left to right. Then, the word "MORE MOVIE MAGIC" zooms out in a light blue trailing effect. Both sets of words flash, with the first set turning gold and the second set turning white.

Technique: The laser and light trails.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic synth sounder with the crackling/buzzing of the laser. A "whoosh" sound is heard when "MORE MOVIE MAGIC" zooms out.

Availability: Rare; this can be found on PAL tapes released in Australia and New Zealand by this company, such as Dream Date, Vampire Knights, The Father Clements Story, Homer and Eddie, The Cotton Club, Boundaries of the Heart among others.

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