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Descriptions by
Wilkins and Spongebob Guy

Captures by
Wilkins and Spongebob Guy, White.alister.t, Camenati

Video captures courtesy of
MachineryNoise, Rede Nai Long, just a nobody, PHB's Logo Dumpster, ifrequire


Fat Dog Productions was a pornographic film production company and distributor based in Chatsworth, California. The company was founded in 1990 by Larry Field who was also the owner of Pipeline Video, an adult distribution company from the 1980s and 1990s. The company was then sold to Lucky Distributors in January 2005 to continue running the company until 2006 when the company presumably dissolved.

1st Logo (1992)

Logo: On a black background, we see a piece of paper with a colorless picture of a fat sad Shar Pei dog in a circle with the text "FAT DOG PRODUCTIONS". The text above the circle is in an arc and the text below it is in a rectangle. The logo is shown for 18 seconds, then cuts to black.

Variant: A short variant exists where we see a blue background with a circle in the center transitioning to the logo but zoomed in to fit the screen.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Just some wolves howling five times.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the short variant, the third howl is cut off.

Availability: Ultra rare. Can be seen right before the opening of older porn VHS tapes such as Harry Horndog 6: Girls on Girls 2 for the short variant. However, it was rare back then that the company's logos would appear as most of Fat Dog's home media would go straight to the opening after the warning screen. Most on-demand prints of VHS tapes from this period often cut this logo out or simply not retain it at all due to them being distributed by X-Plicit Video. However, HotMovies' print of the aforementioned VHS have the logo intact.

Quality Control: Notably, YouTube user Indescretions (who states that Fat Dog Productions was their father (Larry Field)'s production company), claims that the logo is much better-looking than it does in the capture currently available on YouTube. It's unknown whether they're simply referring to the second logo, or if a better-quality print of the 1st logo exists.

  • Considering that uploader MachineryNoise describes the above as, "An ugly old wmv file rescued from the hellish depths of the 'scarylogos3' Yahoo group," it's feasible that a better quality print may exist.

2nd Logo (1992)

Logo: On a black background, a red marquee with dashed borders and text reading "FAT DOG PRESENTS" flips up and down while zooming in. The dashed lines are seen flickering on and off before freezing. The text crossfades to a colorized version of the Shar Pei picture with said canine in white and the circle in blue. The image is in an expanded version of the marquee from before but without its dashed border. Then we fade into a closer shot of the picture.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A soft synth pop fanfare alongside a dog/wolf growling viciously.

Availability: Seen on Slipping It In.

3rd Logo (1992-1994)

Logo: On a black background, a wooden circle with the Shar Pei from before zooms in to fill the screen. This time, however, the Shar Pei is colored, with it being yellow and the circle being blue. "FAT DOG Productions" then fades in the top right corner while "PRESENTS" fades in at the bottom right, both being in yellow.


  • A short variant exists where the logo cuts out after the dog zooms in and the text fades in.
  • A closing variant has the dog wearing a tuxedo and a black fedora with the following text scrolling in:
If you are interested
in participating or
if you have a video
you wish us to view,

write to:

C.A. 91311

Then, the copyright notice appears next, followed by a notice indicating the actors meet the age of consent:

All Rights Reserved
Copyright (year in Roman numerals)

All persons appearing in
this video are over
18 years of age.
proof is on file at
21708 Marilla st.
Chatsworth, Ca.91311

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: Weird electronic music which is very quiet. The short variant is silent.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on early porn VHS releases from the time such as the fourth installment of A Girl's Affair. This may also be seen on DVD re-releases of their films as well. Like the first logo, it is not seen on many VHS tapes from this period and often cut on video on-demand releases.

4th Logo (1994-2003)

Logo: On a blue marble background, we see the Shar Pei from before except its positioned to the right. On the left is "Fat Dog Productions, Inc. Presents" in Times New Roman.


  • In the silent variant, the text of the company name has a different font in which is red and green.
  • Another variant exists where we see a different theme of the logo with plain yellow text that says "BLACK DOG PRESENTS" with the background being dark green and the dog now being black and is seen wearing a blue cap, golden rings, and a golden necklace/medal.
  • The closing variant is the same as the previous logo but with the text in yellow. It also has multiple differences, including capitalization, words appearing on different rows, and the removal of one period in "Ca.91311".
  • Yet another version has some funky beat with the text in yellow.
  • On A Girl's Affair 18, the font is different, the text is smaller, and the colors consist of a green-red gradient.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Some jazz music along with the same growling sound from the 2nd logo. Some DVD releases may actually have the logo silent. The Black Dog variant is also silent.

Availability: Extremely rare. Can be found on later porn DVD and VHS releases. This logo can also be spotted on some porn video websites, but is very hard to find due to them cutting this logo out and only retain an in-credit notice. However, a partial clip of the closing variant was seen on HotMovies' print of Eating P*ssy.

5th Logo (June 24, 2003)

Logo: On a black background, the Shar Pei picture from the 3rd logo appears by a transition consisting of seven pieces sliding from the top and bottom. Following this, the vertically aligned, beveled words "FAT DOG" rotate on the z-axis with the words next to the Shar Pei. The word "PRODUCTIONS" in the same effect as aforementioned words zooms from the Shar Pei's mouth and onto the bottom of the screen

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A majestic fanfare.

Availability: Ultra rare. Appeared on a 2003 DVD release of Taboo American Style Vol. 4 - The Exciting Conclusion. During this time, nearly every release had no logo, just an in-credit notice at both the beginning and end.

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