Fanoos Pictures

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Captures by

Editions by
Jeffersonkendric and Tabit

Video captures courtesy of
Damien L

(June 3, 1994)

Fanoos Pictures (1994).png

Logo: We first see a stock lightning footage (which is first used in Chand Productions). It then cuts to a chandelier spinning and swaying against a window/balcony with red curtains (If you look closely at the beginning, a faint footage of man holding a torch can be seen before abruptly dissapearing at the middle). The company name doesn't appear whatsoever.

Technique: 2D animation for the stock lightning footage and live-action for the chandelier.

Music/Sounds: A stock thunderclap sound for the lightning, and an announcer speaking in Punjabi for the chandelier.

Availability: Only seen on Saranga.

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