Family Home Entertainment Kids

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Descriptions by
Bob Fish, RysherTPEMan and V of Doom

Captures by
Bob Fish, RysherTPEMan and V of Doom

Editions by
Bob Fish, RysherTPEMan and V of Doom

Video captures courtesy of
Digital media resources, Broken Saw and James Crader


Family Home Entertainment Kids was a specialty brand of Family Home Entertainment for kids-only releases on video.

1st Logo (1998-2000)

Logo: On a black background, we see a crudely drawn doghouse. Then, a white square forms inside the doghouse as a head of a dog zooms out. and the "f.h.e." initials in its familiar font introduced in 1985 (colored green, red, and blue respectively) write themselves in. The dog's moves a bit as a red speech bubble with "kids" in it appears with a white outline, and the words "FAMILY HOME ENTERTAINMENT" fade in. The dog's tongue moves up and down.

Technique: Simple 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Rare. This was a prototype logo and only appears on very early releases from this label, notably on Kipper: The Visitor and Other Stories. However it appears at the end of Mowgli's Brothers (1976) on Lionsgate's streaming service, Vidmark, which is only available as an app on Roku.

2nd Logo (1999-2005)

Logo: We see the same crudely drawn doghouse as before, this time on a white background. The same dog starts walking on the right side of the doghouse, sniffing the ground. The dog then walks in the doghouse. As this happens, the "f.h.e." initials and "FAMILY HOME ENTERTAINMENT" in Trajan fade in. The dog then peeks out with a bone in his mouth and barks (dropping his bone on the "h", of which it bounces off, in the process), then a red speech bubble with a black outline and "kids" on it appears next to the dog. The dog looks down and watches his bone fall to the ground. The dog blinks a bit.

Byline: From 2000 until 2004, the byline "AN ARTISAN ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" fades in below the logo.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A pizzicato string violin/bass/bassoon tune, followed by four flute notes, followed by a piano and bass note, followed by dog's bark and a thoomp sound, followed by four more flute notes, followed by another pizzicato/bass/bassoon note. Sometimes the logo is silent, with or without the bark and the thoomp sound.

Availability: Uncommon.

  • Such examples of releases that contain this logo include early Baby Einstein video releases (before Disney purchased the brand's company in a few years), season 1 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on VHS, as well as the TV special The Tangerine Bear (including Netflix and Cartoon Network prints). It also appears on several Hallmark Home Entertainment VHS tapes, along with Crayola-sponsored ones.
  • Also appears on several pre-2005 Clifford the Big Red Dog and Care Bears releases from Artisan/Lionsgate. This logo is retained on some of the DVDs from the Care Bears: The Original Series Collection set which was released in 2012, as they are reissues of previous releases.
  • Later VHS prints of Barbie in The Nutcracker had this logo on the box, but the normal FHE logo on the label and the tape contents itself.
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