Family Home Entertainment (Australia)

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Note: Not to be confused with Family Home Entertainment USA. The company distributed films from Heron Communications.


Logo: On a gray/white gradient background, the parts of the Family Home Entertainment logo, consisting of the word "Family" in a red cursive font coming in from the top with a star dotting the I, two triangles, one yellow and one white, coming in from the left and right sides respectively (ending with the white overlapping the yellow one) and "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" in a cheaper black font, and between two lines, coming in from the bottom; all form in the center of the screen.

Variant: Sometimes, the logo is fully formed, then splits into two, unfolding to reveal "Presents", in a diagonal yellow cursive font, at the beginning of the tape. If there's more than one episode on the tape, "Intermission", in the same font as "Presents", is shown between episodes. There's a chance a version saying "The End" would be at the end of tapes with this variant.

Technique: The parts sliding in, or the logo "unfolding".

Music/Sounds: A 5-note synth tune ending with what sounds like the Jetsons' flying car.

Availability: On Aussie PAL releases, from Fisher-Price Video and Hi-Tops Video, at least. Also seen on the Little People: Songs & Stories PAL VHS.

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