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Faith Roots Productions was/is a religious TV/video company owned by pastor Willie George, best-known for his producing, creating and starring in the christian TV series Gospel Bill. FRP provided educational Christian programs for all ages (but mostly for young children) and distributed a line of videos through the Willie George Ministries video club.


Faith Roots Productions (90s).jpg

Logo: On a blurry horizontal black/blue/fuchsia background, we see a picture on the left. The picture has a brass border and a rounded drawing containing a tree and the roots underneath the ground (hence the company's name). At either sides of the tree are a few kids and behind the tree is a tall cross. Everything in the picture is silhouetted in cerulean. To the right are the stacked words


and below is a small copyright stamp.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A whimsical tinkling synth jingle.

Availability: Extinct. Only known to have appeared at the beginning of The Candy Store tapes, which have been long out of print and were produced monthly in 1993 as part of the video club. This is the only-known logo. Gospel Bill (either as The Gospel Bill Show or Adventures In Dry Gulch) and The Cimarron Trail never had a logo.

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