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Fairy Dust is an adult anime distribution label owned by Soeishinsha Company. The label distributed original anime videos, soundtracks, and general merchandise, primarily for their original Cream Lemon OVA series.

1st Logo (1984-1985)


Logo: The complete sequence is 15 seconds long. It opens with a cyclical shot of outer space, and 5 seconds in, the text "Fairy Dust presents" appears on screen with a lens flare effect. The lens flare and rainbow filter fade away, leaving the text and rotating starry sky.

Technique: All elements in the logo sequence were painted on approximately 4 animation cels. The starry background is made of two frames - a fully-painted background and a cel with extra stars - and the Fairy Dust logo and rainbow lens flare are two separate cells.

Music/Sounds: The logo's music is scored by Japanese composer Koji Makaino, known for his work on anime and pop music at the time. It begins with descending violin notes, and moves into an upbeat guitar riff to accentuate the "Fairy Dust presents" text.

Availability: Uncommon. It appears on many of Fairy Dust's early VHS and Laserdisc releases.

2nd Logo (1985-1989)


Logo: The logo sequence opens with a more elaborate starscape, with the camera pulling forward through space. At 4 seconds in, the revised Fairy Dust logo fades into view; neon pink lettering and three small stars are overlaid on a blue circle. The logo's outline briefly glows pink. After the glow fades, the sequence concludes and fades to black.

Technique: Much like the original Fairy Dust logo, the logo and background elements are painted on animation cels. A more elaborate layering effect is utilized to add extra dimension to the space shot.

Music/Sounds: The sequence is scored by Makaino once again. The logo's music is a soft, upbeat synth track, evocative of shoujo and romance anime soundtracks.

Availability: Common. This logo replaced the original 1984 logo, and would go on to appear on almost all of Fairy Dust's releases into the early 1990s. It is available in high quality on some of the DVD re-releases of Cream Lemon episodes.

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