FM Video

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FM Video (1990s).jpg

Logo: In an underwater background, a cartoonish pink octopus smoking a cigar with a silly facial expression, constantly dilating and shrinking pupils, a yellow tongue and five tentacles with hands at the ends swims in from the right side of the screen. After that, some letter blocks fly in and tumble down from the left to spell out "FM VIDEO" in a jumbled arrangement, and the word "presenta" zooms out below the blocks. Finally, a black top hat with a pale blue band falls on the octopus's head, and everything freezes.

Technique: A mix of scanimate and CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A cheap synth fanfare, probably played on a Casio keyboard.

Availability: Rare. If you go to Italy, then you might be lucky enough to find a tape with this.

Legacy: While the animation and music are cheap, the logo itself is rather funny due to the octopus' goofy design and actions.

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