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FASA Corporation was founded in 1980 as a publisher of role-playing games, wargames and board games. In 2001, they closed publishing operations for several years, becoming an IP holding company under the name FASA Inc. In 2012, a wholly owned subsidiary called FASA Games Inc. went into operation, using the name and logo under license from the parent company.

1st Logo (1986-2001, 2012-)

Logo: On a black background, we see the word "FASA" underneath "CORPORATION", both in a futuristic-type font. to the left of the text is a four-pointed star, with its right point extending across the text. The whole logo is colored red.


-As of 2012, "CORPORATION" is removed and "FASA" is in a different font.

-On MechWarrior 4 and its expansion pack, Vengeance, the logo appears in flames with the Microsoft logo and a copyright notice. Both logos fade to white.

-There is an animated variant where the star flies into view and flashes, and the text appears and rotates to face the screen. This logo appears on FASA's BattleTech Demo Reel from 1994.

Technique: Usually none.

Music/Sounds: None or the opening theme of the game.

Availability: Common, and current since 2012. It was introduced in 1986, but it never appeared on screen until the SNES port of MechWarrior.

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