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Adam the DVD Collector 2004

1st Logo (1984-1990)

Exclusive Pictures (1984-1990).png

Logo: On a Black background, we see the company name & "Inc." in orange appear in a stretched form. We then see the word 'Presents" in blue/lime green appearing also in a stretched form.

Technique: 2D Animation.

Music/Sounds: A repetitive beep which gets higher-pitched.

Availability: Very Rare.

Legacy: The repetitive beeping sound can get to some.

2nd Logo (1990s)

Exclusive Pictures (1990s).png

Logo: We see stock footage of fireworks repeatedly going off. We then see the company name in silver & the word "Presents" in yellow appearing. Then the fireworks turn into flashing lights.

Technique: Live-action along with the text fading.

Music/Sounds: A booming noise that repeats multiple times.

Availability: See 1st Logo.

Legacy: The strange sounds & the seizure-inducing lights can make it scarier than the 1st Logo.

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