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This is the production company of actress Aubrey Plaza.

1st Logo (October 2021-)

Logo: We see a close-up of an eye zooming out with a crescent moon surrounded by many lines as it spins and becomes a card. The company name in all caps with a line sandwiched between then fades in. Then, the moon from before fades in followed by some cosmic-like objects. The entire logo has an dark orange tint to it.


Technique: The spinning and fading. Designed by Elastic.

Music/Sounds: A creepy-sounding tune with a guitar, or the closing theme.

Availability: Brand new. First seen on the company's social media accounts, and later made its on-screen debut with Little Demon. It may appear on future projects from the company.

2nd Logo (January 24, 2022-)

Logo: On a black concrete background that moves, we see a close-up pair of eyes with green pupils open up. Between it is the text "evil hag" in a stylised font and "PRODUCTIONS" below it, both sandwiched by a line. The text then fades away as the eyes shut.

Technique: Stop-motion animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Current. It debuted on Emily the Criminal (2022) and may appear on future films from the company. Used in tandem with the previous logo.

Legacy: The eyes and silence may get to some people, but it's mostly harmless.

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