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Video captures courtesy of
MachineryNoise and TLMA V1.0


Evergreen Entertainment was a sub-label of Hallmark Home Entertainment, which distributed more adult-oriented titles than Hallmark's usual fare, as well as TV movies from Showtime. The company ceased issuing new titles in 1999, following Hallmark beginning distribution of their titles through Artisan Entertainment.

1st Logo (1995-1996)

Logo: On a black background, two balls spin in from both sides of the screen, reflecting this logo's final product, and merge into each other. The ball spins a bit and splits into several bars which overtake the screen and show this logo's final result, where on a dark green background, we see a grassy green rectangle in the center with a white outline around it reading "EVERGREEN", with "ENTERTAINMENT" below it in a different font.


  • On most tapes, the text below the logo says "FEATURE PRESENTATION" or "COMING ATTRACTIONS".
  • An earlier version exists where the logo is on all white on an all black background..

Technique: Computer animation.

Music/Sounds: None, but the 1995 Hallmark Home Entertainment fanfare will be used sometimes.

Availability: Very rare. Seen on some tapes from the time including Reckless and The Sum of Us.

Legacy: The animation is extremely cheap and pixelated, looking more like a PowerPoint transition.

2nd Logo (1996-1998)

Logo: On a green background, we see a rectangle in the center. In the left of the rectangle is a drawing of a tree, while next to the tree is the stacked text "EVERGREEN ENTERTAINMENT".

Variant: On tapes prior to the previews, the text "COMING ATTRACTIONS" is seen below the rectangle. Sometimes, the text "FEATURE PRESENTATION" is below the rectangle.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None, but the variants use the 1995 Hallmark Home Entertainment fanfare. The Feature Presentation variant uses the same voice-over on Hallmark's 1995 Feature Presentation bumper.

Availability: A little easier to come by, but still rare. Can be seen on some tapes from the time such as Love is All There Is.

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