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Erry Vision Films was Chester Novell Turner's production company that was solely founded to produce the 1987 shot-on-video horror film Tales from the Quadead Zone.


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Logo: On a black background, we see the words "AN ERRY VıSıON FILM" in a hideously distorted, oddly arranged, salmon-colored font. "ERRY" is curved above "VISION" and "FILM" is curved below. A salmon-colored line is shown at the left.

Trivia: Title cards shown before every portion of Tales from the Quadead Zone are made like this logo, but with different colors. The reason is that this was done with cameras (like Sony XV-T500 Video Superimposer) with the "Memory" feature (which saves a luma-keyed frame and makes it transparent to use on top of another frame or video).

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A loud, heavily-distorted UFO-like sound and a sound which either sounds like a dog howling over and over or a distorted and garbled version of Tom's scream from Tom and Jerry.

Availability: Ultra rare. Can only be found on the film Tales from the Quadead Zone. Even in the year it was released, it was hard to find due to the limited amount of VHS copies (original tapes of the film are highly sought after on eBay). Only about 100 of them were ever produced with many of them having been lost or destroyed over the years.

Legacy: The logo's overall atmosphere, sounds, and look contribute to being a very creepy logo, especially for 1st-time viewers and is a stark contrast to the BC Video logo. The silence before the logo on the actual film can also make it more unexpected, though its cheapness does somewhat suit the film it appeared on. Recordings of this logo tend to vary in color.

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