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Equinox Entertainment


Logo: A large black sphere zooms out on a rotating space background, with a sun in the top right. The sun flashes and it slowly reveals a orange surface with a elongated "e" on it in black. The black side then reveals the other half in white, and the sun starts to move away. The sphere then fades to a different version of the "e", with one half in orange and the other half as a cote-out in a orange hemisphere. The text "EQUINOX" flashes in below, and "ENTERTAINMENT" appears as well. The text constantly shines, before it stops and the latter fades out. The logo either cuts to black or fades to black when the text flashes in.

Technique: The sphere revealing, the shining text.

Music/Sounds: A space-age fanfare, with drones and a choir.

Availability: Rare. Can be seen on Redline.

Equinoxe Films


Logo: We travel through the Milky Way at warp speed with some stars shooting towards us until we see a glow of light appearing in the middle of the rotating starfield. A comet leaves behind a dusty trail until it reaches the glow of light, turning into a gold lowercase "e" tilted at 45 degrees, flipping a couple of times until it slowly comes to a stop as a gold semicircle tilted at the same angle fades in, forming the logo as the lowercase "e" becomes two-toned. The text "EQUINOXE FILMS", framed in thin horizontal lines, fades in below as the starfield continues to rotate slowly after the logo is completed.

Technique: Spectacular CGI effects.

Music/Sounds: It begins with a few "WHOOSH" sound effects mixed with some tingles and a choir in the background, ending with a bombastic synth fanfare.

Availability: Common. This logo is found on Canadian prints of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Passion of the Christ, and The Wedding Date. This can also be found on Mambo Italiano internationally.

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