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Energee Entertainment was an Australian independent digital animation production and distribution company based in Sydney, New South Wales founded in 1989 by the Travers family - John, Gerry, and Carmel, the latter two best known for being the presenters of Beyond 2000. It specialized in children's programming and acquiring content for it's television, video, Internet, and licensing distribution activities in the Asia Pacific region. On February 28, 2000, Energee was operated as a subsidiary of the German based RTV Family Entertainment AG. Following the disastrous box office run of The Magic Pudding and the failure of the TV series Wicked!, the company went into financial difficulties. It was placed into administration on June 28, 2002 before closing down not long after.

1st Logo (May 31, 1996-1998)

Energee Entertainment Logo (1996).jpg

Logo: We pan through a dark blue vortex. A bright blue flashing lowercase e in a stylized font comes flying towards us with a lightning bolt at the bottom right before disappearing, followed by an n where another bolt appears at the bottom left, then another e with a bolt on the top left side, then an r with a bolt on the bottom right side, then a g with a bolt on the top left side, then another e with a bolt at the bottom left, and then another e with a bolt on the top. It gets faster as the letters hurtle through in quick succession. It then pans out to reveal a white lowercase e with the top hole shaded in royal blue and the small round hole turns black with a border on top of it in the same color as the e, becoming a dot and the tail being connected to the line from the top where it looks like a smiling face on a bended orange square tilting towards the right appearing on a black background. Above the e is an acute in the same color as the shaded area where part of the square it sits on serves as a wedge for it. When it finishes panning, "energee" in the acute and shaded area's color appearing in the same font as the letters color comes flying out from the bottom of the screen which then emits a flash along with "ENTERTAINMENT" in the same color as the e on a blue rectangle with an orange line at the bottom tilting towards the right as well. The flashing ceases for the former word when the text finishes it's formation. The e then winks at us with the shaded area and hole like an eye, which it resembles.


  • An in-credit version appeared on Crocadoo where the logo is in 2-D, the dot and "energee" in white, the tail lacking the connection to the top, and "ENTERTAINMENT" is absent.
  • At the beginning of The Digswell Dog Show, the logo is in 2-D, is much wider, is much shorter, the wedge being much larger, the tail lacking the connection to the top, and "presents" is shown below in a bold purple Futura font that serves as the typeface for the series' credits appearing on a background that also serves as the credits for said show.

Technique: Entirely CGI.

Music/Sounds: A metallic drone, followed by a 7-note synthesizer for each letter that pans past where it gets higher in pitch, a slamming sound, a thunderclap sound when the text hits the screen, and a 2-note harp when the e winks.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Crocadoo and The Digswell Dog Show, the end theme plays over it.

Availability: Rare. Seen on The Digswell Dog Show, Crocadoo, and the film, Go to Hell!.

2nd Logo (Website logo) (1996-1998?)

Energee Logo 1996.gif

Logo: We see the same "e" in the orange box from the previous logo. To the left of it is Hardy (from Crocadoo), leaning to the box, getting electricuted.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extinct. It used to be seen on their website.

3rd Logo (1998-2002)

Energee Entertainment Logo 3.jpg

Logo: On a royal blue background, we see what appears to be an orange lowercase e in the center. Then it turns towards us where it reveals to be a roll casting a shadow where numerous sheets rustle down that depict various drawings like a flip book. At this point the same e from before, but in a darker shade of blue bounces from the left. and there is a lot of Actions. Actions include:

  • A monster with an ocean and some fish.
  • A cat, a woman, and two children (a boy and girl), presumably a family.
  • A rat and a Tyrannosaurus Rex where the e lands on the former's head, killing it.
  • A car driving down a road passing a tree.
  • An airplane.
  • A rocket flying into space.
  • An apple with a worm popping out of it.
  • A spider coming down from its string.
  • Some drawn flowers.

After that, the e then turns to the direction it appeared from before. The flip book pans out and after the last page finishes, it turns into a square during which the e comes back bouncing down before jumping up with the square where it becomes all bended and the top of the e sticking out of the square. A transformation occurs where it shines down on the e where it becomes more brighter and has a white border added to the the left and the top hole shaded in the same color. The letters for "energee" comes flying down from the bottom right of the screen where it settles in the same position and almost immediately after, "entertainment" in smaller letters come whizzing below before settling too both in white as well.


  • A filmed and wide-screen version exists.
  • An in-credit version appeared on Fixi and Foxi.
  • Another in-credit version appeared on Gloria's House where the logo is small and lacks the text.
  • Yet another in-credit version was shown on The Magic Pudding.
  • A shortened version that begins with the rocket was seen on Wicked! and it's accompanying movie.

Technique: The flip book, the drawings, the e, the transformation of the flip book and e, and the letters coming in.

Music/Sounds: A series of brass instruments which builds up on intensity then turning into jubilant instrumentation with violins and bassoon added and concludes as a triumphant fanfare.

Availability: Rare. It was seen on Fixi and Foxi, Gloria's House, Wicked!, and the films for the latter and The Magic Pudding.

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