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Endemol UK Productions was a renaming of former production company Bazal Productions in early 2002, when all of the subsidiaries were grouped under Endemol. The company would operate several satellite studios, like Endemol UK Productions Midlands (a renaming of Bazal Midlands), with a third production division in Bristol called Endemol West. The main and West divisions would be rebranded as Cheetah Television in 2006.


Logo: Just the standard Endemol logo from the time period, with the appropriate suffix below reading "endemol uk productions".


  • Shows produced by the Endemol Midlands and Endemol West subsidiaries would have the suffix "endemol u.k. productions midlands" or "endemol west" below the logo.
  • On The Salon, "endemol uk productions" and a small wordless Channel 4 logo next to it in white is seen on a flashy aquamarine background. At the bottom right is a copyright date.
  • On Brainteaser, the logo is still and seen on the right, while the Five logo animates on the left.
  • On shows produced for the BBC such as Ready Steady Cook, this logo appears with the 1997 BBC logo.
  • On YouTube uploads of clips of the UK version of Deal or No Deal, the logo is much smaller and wordless, with "endemol u.k. productions", the Deal or No Deal logo, and a copyright date below.

Technique: Same as the Endemol logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Endemol logo.


  • The standard logo appeared on a majority of British Endemol productions such as episodes of Big Brother and Ready Steady Cook from the time period, replacing Bazal's logo.
    • It also appeared on the short-lived series The Salon, and on very early episodes of the long-forgotten game show Brainteaser.
    • It was also used on several licensed games including Deal or No Deal: The Banker is Back! for the Wii, and on YouTube uploads.
  • The "Midlands” appeared on the short-lived game show Beat the Nation, Brainteaser (from early-2003 until mid-2004), alongside very early episodes of its sister show Memory Bank.
  • The “West” version appeared on Brainteaser episodes until around mid-2006 and on later episodes of Memory Bank before its cancellation.
    • It also appeared on the first season of the UK version of Deal or No Deal and on the first series of Fool Around With... as well.
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