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mr3urious, Shadeed A. Kelly, RSX-798, channel4fan, and EnormousRat

Editions by
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EnormousRat, dennisguilaume1993, LogosForTheWin, and Shpaldar's channel


Endemol (a.k.a. "Endemol Entertainment") was a Dutch production company founded in 1994 by Joop van den Ende and John de Mol through a merger of both their production companies: "Joop Van Den Ende TV-Producties" and "John De Mol Produkties". Their first big success was the reality series Big Brother, which first aired in the Netherlands in 1999. The company was owned by Mediaset from May 14, 2007 and later sold to Apollo Global. On May 15, 2014, Apollo and 21st Century Fox announced a joint venture to merge Endemol and Shine Group (now owned by Banijay).

1st Logo (November 1, 1994-September 20, 2001)

Logo: On a black background, we see the gold word "ENDEMOL" zooming out one letter at a time at a fast pace with the word "ENTERTAINMENT" zooming-out underneath, where we later see a warp effect while the letters continue to zoom out and start to spread to finish forming the word. There is a blue blast effect which later reveals a white spiked-arched crown (one above and one below), which would later turn blue. The words "ENDEMOL" and "ENTERTAINMENT" later turn yellow.


  • This logo would have an effect just like the Embassy Television and Embassy Communications logos: the animation would play over the ending of any television show, but the background would later turn black.
  • There is also a short variant.
  • The logo appears white and still on Bear With Me.

Technique: The letters zooming out.

Music/Sounds: A loud whoosh as the letters are zooming out, followed by 2 drumbeats and another whoosh, NBC and CBS airings used their generic themes.

Availability: Rare. It's seen on such shows like Chains of Love, RTL's Mini-Playback Show, and Lucky Letters. The short variant is seen on S1 episodes of Fear Factor and Big Brother 1 & 2 on Paramount+.

Legacy: This is a memorable logo for those who watched Big Brother at the time, as are the next 3 logos which are more common finds.

2nd Logo (October 2001-2016)

Logo: Against a black background, a cloud of vapor appears, forming a slanted ellipse on it's side, which spins to face the screen, "endemol" written underneath the eye which traces in. Later, an eye fades in on the ellipse.


  • Shows produced by Endemol's divisions outside of the Netherlands had the country's name below.
  • A special variant at the beginning of shows was used for Argentina. When the logo is completed, it slides to the left, revealing "argentina", which slides to the right. "presenta" appears below the logo.
  • On the French version, the text "france" is shown below the company name.
  • An alternate version exists where a vertical blue object appears by a slash effect (instead of the cloud vapor effect), flattening and transforming into a ellipse. It wobbles, flipping upwards and spinning rapidly, eventually unveiling a 2D eye and forming the logo with no company name. This is used for Endemol's British divisions (such as Endemol UK Productions and Zeppotron), as well as True Entertainment and 51 Minds Entertainment.
  • The logo appears in-credit on the Dutch version of Deal or No Deal.
  • A print version of the logo exists. For foreign distribution, the text "Worldwide Sales - Endemol International and Distribution" is shown above the logo. It was also seen in Germany, as well as on DS games. Such versions exist for Italy, UK and the USA. The print version also appeared in GMA 7 of Wipeout (as Wipeout Matira Matibay).
  • On some international shows, the logo is right or left with the TV station on right or left. On the Philippine adaptation of Big Brother (Pinoy Big Brother), the logo is right, on the left is the 2000 ABS-CBN logo.

Technique: The vapor.

Music/Sounds: Usually the end theme of the show can be heard. The logo's own music is a ringing sound when the ellipse appears, followed by a wobbly whoosh sound and then a streak-like sound when the ellipse spins.

Availability: Uncommon. Appears on shows from the company.

Legacy: The logo's main piece (the eye) would go on to become a symbol for Endemol in the rest of it's regular run, it would also go on and be a popular logo for many as every logo from Endemol afterwards used it. It was used in tandem with the 3rd logo starting with its 2nd month until 2012, the 3rd logo during its last 8 years, and the 4th logo during its last 2 years.

3rd Logo (November 27, 2001-July 16, 2012)

Logo: On a black background, we see the same Endemol logo from before zooming out through a iris-out effect, and during that, the eye looks around for a few seconds.


  • For any American versions, it would simply have "usa" right next to the logo or underneath the company name. This variant is also used in international, for example Italy (which replaces "usa" with "italia") and Poland (which replaces "usa" with "polska").
  • In 2007, the logo was enhanced.
  • The logo is sped up on some shows.

Technique: The logo spinning up or looking around.

Music/Sounds: Usually the end theme of the show, but like the previous logo, it sometimes comes with its own music, which consists of two whooshes when the logo is zooming out, and then a clang when it's done zooming out. ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox airings used their generic themes. The Italian version used the audio from the last logo.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen on Deal or No Deal on GSN and the syndicated version, 1 vs. 100 on GSN, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on TV Land, Big Brother, and Fear Factor episodes of the time on Chiller, among other shows.

4th Logo (February 12, 2008-)

Logo: On a black background, the Endemol logo appears slowly rotating, surrounded by the reflections and shadows of itself. There is a light blink over the shield.


  • The standard logo would come right after the 51 Minds logo.
  • Would appear in-credit on the 3rd season of 1 vs. 100 on GSN.
  • In this logo's early years, a light blink was absent, even the logo's effects are different (including the part where the reflections and shadows are disappearing).
  • Starting in 2011, the logo was put on a dark blue background. The black background is still used.
  • Sometimes, the logo is sped-up.
  • On Wipeout: The Game, the logo shakes a bit as it first appears, then animates normally.
  • Sometimes, the logo will have a copyright notice underneath it.
  • A variant exists from 2016 that has the Endemol Shine Group logo underneath, serving as a byline. It slides in like how that logo regularly does.
  • A weird variant is seen on the Vietnamese version of 1 vs. 100, the logo is smaller and on the right of some Vietnamese text.

Technique: The logo turning.

Music/Sounds: Originally, it used the previous logo's theme, but it later used a soft guitar/choir sounder. However, different whooshes are heard in this logo's early years.

Availability: Seen on Wipeout on ABC, Hell on Wheels on AMC and the Big Brother franchise on CBS and in other international syndicated channels overseas worldwide outside of the US (depending on which country you live in). Also seen as an in-credit on the 3rd season of 1 vs. 100 on GSN. Appears on some licensed international shows and games, like on all of the Wipeout games for the Wii. The sped-up variant is seen on Steve Harvey in syndication. The version with the dark blue background is also seen on Steve Harvey. Still used in Portugal, however.

Legacy: This is a memorable logo for fans of newer and current episodes of the Big Brother franchise, Hell on Wheels, and Wipeout.

5th Logo (2014-2016)

Endemol Beyond 2.png

Logo: On a white background, we see a reverse shattering image that forms the 3D version of the Endemol logo, with the word "beyond", standing next to the Endemol logo.

Technique: The reverse shattering effect.

Music/Sounds: A Transformers-like robotic sound.

Availability: Seen on remixes on YouTube, like Fear Factor remixes.
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