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Captures by
Eric S. and Sagan Blob

Video captures courtesy of
DudeThatLogo and Ry's Classic Commercial Hut


Empire International Pictures was a B-movie company started by B-movie filmmaker Charles Band in the 1980s, after Band expressed dissatisfaction to how other outfits distributed his earlier films. Band would sell the company to Epic Entertainment in 1988. The television rights previously laid with Vestron Video and its offshoot Vestron Television (later acquired by Modern Entertainment), which also distributed the majority of its library on home video that weren't released by sister company Wizard Video. Most, if not all of the Empire library currently sits with MGM under Orion Pictures who owns Epic's Beta library though the pre-1996 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment movie library.


Logo: On a black background, we see a box made up of blue squares together. A blue circle is on the squares. Then "EMPIRE" in an ESPN-esque font sweeps up and "INTERNATIONAL" also sweeps up to under "EMPIRE". This appears on the blue circle. "EMPIRE" shines.

Technique: 3D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A horn fanfare composed by Richard Band. Sometimes it is silent.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the Full Moon Blu-Ray of Trancers, it uses the last half of the extended 2005 Full Moon Features music, along with the last notes of the 1st Full Moon logo's music.

Availability: Rare. Can be seen on various films released by the company, including among others Eliminators, Zone Troopers and Ghost Warrior, although it's plastered with the MGM logo on some newer prints of those films. A silent version can be seen on TerrorVision and also appears on the Blu-Ray, after the MGM logo. And it also appears on the Blu-Ray of Trancers, as well as the Spanish VHS release of Breeders and the Venezuelan Betamax release of Ghoulies (Also on the latter film's British VHS and Betamax release).

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