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Logo: We pan up from a shot of a sunlit ocean to see a sunrise, with the sun being high above the ocean. We then zoom into the sun, and as we do, it glows brighter and the sky changes from a cyan-yellow gradient to orange. The sun then becomes a stylized sun with a golden-orange rippling sphere and glowing yellow rays emerge from it and begin rotating before we see the name "EMMALEX", in dark blue, quickly wrap around the sun before zipping off to the bottom-left corner of the screen while a filmstrip emerges from the sun and zips down close to the bottom-right corner of the screen. The sun then stops glowing and zooms in before we cut again to another ocean shot, this time tinted with the colors of the rainbow. The company name, in dark blue, 3D and glowing, turns to face us as the filmstrip from earlier coils around it and the camera pans from left to right. We cut once more to see the filmstrip move off of the company logo, which is below half of the sun from earlier. Both the sun and the company name move slightly downwards before we cut to the 3D, gold-bordered, silver word "presents" being written out in a pixel stretch effect on a white background filled with many circles as we fade to black.

Technique: The water and sun rippling, the text turning and wrapping, the filmstrip zipping about and coiling. Done with CGI animation with possible use of footage for the water.

Music/Sounds: The opening score for the movie accompanied by a laser firing sound.

Availability: Seen on at least one film produced by the company, which is Blood on Ice.

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